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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 17, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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♪ >>megyn: we are getting a lot of mail about the focus group. well, tweets. follow me on twitter and let me know what you think. thanks for watching. here is "studio b" with shepard smith. >>shepard: the president and governor romney, what a fight! if you like a fight, it was a debate filled with accusations of lying and interrupts before being asked about the attack in libya. and the deadly meningitis outbreak has infected even more people. plus, nike and other companies drop one time superstar athlete, lance armstrong, on the same day he stepped down from the charity he created called "live strong" to fight cancer. the end of the road if him. it is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, after the contentious showdown last night the presidential candidates are taking their message right back to the swing states. governor romney in virginia where the two are running mechanic -- neck and neck and president obama looking to rebuild the lead in iowa after the aggressive debate performance. polls suggest he had the edge but not by a wide margin. 37 percent of uncommitted voter whose watched say the president won and 30 percent pick the governor and a third called it a tie. it is a snap shop based on instant reaction to the debate and as you probably know opinion changes in the hours or days following. most everyone seems to agree both candidates come out aggressive. one of the most heated exchanges came after a question about the attack on the consulate in libya. >> the day after the attack, governor, i stood in the rose
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garden and i told the american people and the world we are going to find out exactly what happened. this was an act of terror. >> you said in the rose garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror it was not a spontaneous demonstration? is that what you are saying? i want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days but he called attack an act of terror. >> he did, in fact, sir. let me call it an act of terror. >> can you say that a little louder? >> he call it an act of stepper. >> the moderator is taking heat, saying she was trying to move things along. here is what the president said as he addressed the nation follow the attack that killed the ambassador and three other americans. >> no act of terror will shake the resolve this great nation. or change the character or
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eclipse the values we stand for. we mourn for more americans that represent the best of the united states of america. >>shepard: governor romney says the president was not clear in the words and never actually called the murder of an act terror and questions why if the president allowed the ambassador to the united nations to appear on not one but five morning shows on sunday to insist it was a protest over the video which we heard so were. now, john robert with governor romney's campaign on the trail this afternoon in virginia and ed henry at the president's next step which is in ohio. ed, republicans are crying foul today that the president is rewriting history and they are going after the moderator. >>reporter: no doubt. republicans are saying if the president really did declare this a terror attack on 9/12 why
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did the administration spend the next couple of weeks suggesting it was this video, the antimuslim video, and not a terror attack. why did they do that if the president was declaring this a day after that it was a terror attack? if it was a terror attack, why did the president later that night on september 12, go ahead with the campaign event in las vegas? why not cancel and deal with the attack, a national security situation. here is the republican governor. >> governor romney did well. candy got it wrong when she intervened and said the president had it right and cloned it up later. the american people know the story keeps changing from this administration on libya. it is indicative of a broader failing on foreign policy. >> you mentioned the moderator who back pedaled by saying that it is true that the president was just generally talking about acts of terror but she seemed to suggest she believes there is
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hair splitting going on and democrats believe that. robert gibbs was on "fox & friends" and said, look, the president called it what it was. on two indications on the 13th the president said he wanted people around the world to hear me, to all those who would do us arm, no act of terror will go unpunished and later on the 13th, no act of terror will dim the light of our values and he talks about rightly so what we need to do is find out what happened and find out who caused the incident and hunt them down. that is what we will do as a country. >>reporter: the democrats have suggests that the president got the boater of this because they believe governor romney did not seem to have all the facts as he was going back and forth with the president but on the back and forth and what the president has been saying he is saying that al qaeda is on the road to defeat, that al qaeda senator the run and bin laden is dead. but, today, the president
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dropped the al qaeda part. listen to what he said in iowa. >> i said we would end the war in afghanistan. we are. i said we would focus on the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. we have. bin laden is dead. >>reporter: the president is saying just a general focus on the terrorists no longer saying, not today, but we will see what he does in the day's ahead that al qaeda is on the run. you can get we have not heard the last of this back-and-forth and next monday it will be all about foreign policy and it will be relitigated again. >>shepard: thank you from ohio. governor romney's team is claiming victory in the debate. analysts say the real challenge was to hold on to the momentum he had after round one in denver and governor romney supporters say he held his own during last night's heated matchup. governor romney spoke to supports in virginia said the president offered little substance. >> he spends his time trying to
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talk about how my plan won't work. what about his plan? we know his plan has not worked. last night, a lot of people asked questions and i think they deserve some answers on a number of fronts. >>shepard: now bringing in recognizable faces as they head to the home stretch including dennis miller and in the all-important battleground of ohio, paul ryan rallied with the foam secretary of state condoleeza rice. john roberts is covering that campaign in virginia this afternoon where the governor is scheduled to speak later this evening. >>reporter: you may wonder how the romney campaign can claim victory when polls give the overall win to president obama but it is because the same polls found voters gave higher marks to governor romney on the economy so he is focusing today on bread and butter issues, jobs and the economy and noting that while president obama has been highly critical of governor romney's plans for the economy
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he doesn't have much on the table himself. >> it is interesting that the president still doesn't have an agenda for a second term. don't you think it is time for him to put together a vision of what he would do in the next four years? he has to come up with that over the weekend because there is only one debate left. monday. >>reporter: the rnc had an ad that is a mock version of obama's second agenda, an empty binder. >>shepard: and a binder full of women is instantly trending on twitter. have they followed up on the binder full of women comment. >>reporter: the governor is take fire on that today from women's group in massachusetts claiming, wait, he didn't ask for a binder full of well qualified women to put in his cabinet. we gave him that binder but it is interesting to note that the governor made it quite cheer he wanted to put more women in the
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administration and the same group in 2006 praised governor romney for hiring so many women and putting them in high-laced positions. today the governor said that women would do better under a romney administration than they are under the current white house. >> this president has failed america's women. they have suffered in terms of getting jobs. they have suffered into falling into poverty. this is a presidency that has not helped america's women. as i cross the country and ask women, what can i do to help, what they speak about, day in and day out, help me find a good job. >>reporter: on the campaign trail today, governor romney did not mention libya, did not mention the benghazi consulate. perhaps as a result of what happened last night but he got plenty of opportunity to discuss it on monday which is all about foreign policy. >>shepard: that is in floridaed if. we will be there. the president said after the first debate in denver he was
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too polite, something we likely will not hear this time around. both got aggressive from the start circling each other on stage. like prize fighters. now, our political reporter for if you like a fight, well, there was a fight. >>guest: they sure did. romney started it by interrupting the president on begin with and later said, well, you will get your chance, i'm speaking. the president sat down a couple of times but he was bickering along with romney and seemed to enjoy it because he shot romney down at 10:00 on libya and romney crumbled from there and did not end very well. >>shepard: the republicans are saying he missed an opportunity. it was clear that in the weeks after that terror attack that set that up as a moment for last night and it didn't happen, according to most analysts. >>guest: prescribe's tone tone
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-- president obama's tone was that i am the commander in chief, you are not, i understand what is going on, on the ground, and you don't. the tone is unsettled. that hurt romney. >>shepard: you cannot overlook the candy crowley objection, there were a number of way she could have got, and there was a lot of pressure, but you could is said, well, if you said that night it was a terror attack and that is what you meant, what was susan rice on the sunday morning shows on the following day. that would have been an easier thing from which form could pivot. >>guest: that is right. in the spin room after the debate the romney campaign surrogates were saying they were flabbergasted what the president was saying calling him a liar. the former governor of new hampshire said many times to me
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after the debate that the president was a liar. >>shepard: well, the president said in the first 30 minutes of the debate last night, i counted five different times that he said governor romney, you are not telling the truth. you are not telling the truth. or that is false. the things about which the president got criticized from his own party, are not available for criticism this time. he was aggressive and changed the words to energetic, but aggressive worked. >>guest: it did. >>shepard: as a description of what he was not as a tactic. >>guest: you can tell that the obama administration was very happy and so was the president because the feed i wanted of the debate hall, president obama stayed on stage and signed autographs for the undecided voters for half an hour. mitt romney left after ten minutes. before the closing statements started, president obama's surrogate watched into the spin room and claimed victory.
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romney surrogates were more defensive. >>shepard: i am looking forward to the foreign policy thing on monday in boca raton. >>guest: they will want to talk about iran sanctions. >>shepard: i heard that, as well. a prominent analyst says there is in doubt the housing market is recovering. at last. housing. better. gerri willis will show us what the latest reports mean for the economy and homeowners. another afghan soldiers launched an attack on government forces and killed a c.i.a. operative and a young u.s. service member. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive.
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>>shepard: new home construction has subjected to a level we have not seen in the united states in four years. according to the report, housing
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starts jumped 15 percent last month. it was an annual rate of 872,000 units. that beat expectations and marks the biggest boot in new home construction since way back in july of 2008. new home construction remains way below the pre-recession height of 2.1 million in 2005 but we know what was going on. a global financial strategist said a major trading firm says if there was any doubt the housing market was undergoing a recovery, even a modest one on the face of the terrible 2008 decline those doubts should be eraseed. gerri willis is us with. this is, if it is true, a great sign. it is about more than houses. it is about the people who decorate them, build them, fit the plumbing, landscape them, on and on. >>guest: the construction every house creates three jobs.
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i believe it is really. i believe we are making progress. look at these numbers. september building permits up 12 percent, a big number. that is forward looking. those are permits, houses that are not started. home builders' confidence rising to the highest level in six years. a lot of people are very excited. now builders are seeing more prospective buyers knacking -- knocking on the door. >>shepard: there are a lot of single family home available but the single family home construction is way up. why? >>gerri: 43 percent. mortgage rates are record lows so that is good news. there are a lot of people would have been wanting to look for homes, may have gotten a job and now are out shopping for the first time. we are seeing the builders who have been constrained are starting to build houses. those stocks have been
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unbelievable. >>shepard: that is a good sign for everyone. hopeful. hopeful. a former neighborhood watchman accused of killing an unarmed teen in centralled if set for trial june 10. of next year. that is the ruling from a florida judge. george zimmerman is facing second-degree murder charges for shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin. the prosecution claims he profiled the teenage and initiated a confrontation. george zimmerman claims he opened fire in self-defense. lawyers expect the trial will last about three weeks. >> yesterday, lance armstrong was chairman of his "live strong cancer" charity with big endorsement deals. today, it is all over. the fallout from doping accusations against the former cycling charge. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>shepard: we have word the former democratic nominee george mcgovern is no longer responsive in hospice care. the now 90-year-old is nearing the end of his life. he appears peaceful and rested. the former south dakota senator is in hospice care in his home state. senator mcgovern known for running against president nixon in 1972. nixon won in a landslide. senator mcgovern served a term in the house of representatives before spending decades in the senate. he was a leader of the democrats' liberal wing and dedicated recent years to fighting world hunger. he now is said to be unresponsive in hospice care at 90 years old. we will keep you updated. >> the public downfall, crash,
3:24 pm
of the seven time tour de france winner, lance armstrong, continued today. minutes after he said he resigned from the cancer charity called "live strong," knee key -- nike is cutting ties after the evidence that he used performance enhancing drugs throughout his career. he denied he ever doped but decided not to fight the accusations by the antidoping agency. as a result, he may very well lose all of his biggest titles, his legacy as a sports icon is in ruins. trace has the news on the west coast. lance armstrong said he didn't want to drag his foundation into all of this. >>trace: "live strong" has defended him through the entire mess says it did not ask lance armstrong to step aside. they said that was his idea. and they took eight step further saying that the cancer families and people would suffer from the disease do not care about lance
3:25 pm
armstrong's woes but clearly lance armstrong had a different take on this saying, and i quote, ", today to spare the foundation any negative effects as a result of controversy surrounding my cycling career, i will conclude my chairmanship. and he has raised $500 million if cancer republican. >>shepard: that is the charity. and knee key, he was a spokesman and there are accusations about what all they paid for. >>trace: after the antidoping agency came out with the report last week laying out the evidence against lance armstrong, they raised a few eyebrows when they decided to stick with him. even now that they have dropped lance armstrong, the company is being accused of trying to cover up the doping scandal but paying off the international cycling
3:26 pm
union to cover up a failed drug test in 1999. knee key responded and i quote, "we deny that we paid former president $500,000 to cover up a positive drug test and nike ask not condone the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs." analysts say there is plenty of blame to go around. >> everyone turned a blind eye. nike, the tv sponsors because ratings went up when lance armstrong was winning races, the charity turned a blind eye, and the american public wanted to believe lance armstrong was this super hero that was able to overcome cancer. it was a great story. >>trace: remember, lance armstrong was tested some 500 times and he never failed a single drug test but that is because he was making it with things like blood transfusions and the like. >>shepard: quite a system he
3:27 pm
put together if they are right. thank you. p.r. consultant is if the house, president of the communications federal emerald partners and co-author of "rethinking reputation." fraser, what do you think? >> it is very sad. knee key firing him is the final shoe dropping on lance armstrong^. his fall from grace is utter and complete. he was the face of nike cycling for 60 years and they named a fitness center after him. they are changing the name. when the company's reputation suffers as a result of the association, open arms turn quickly to cold shoulders. in this case, what happened was that nike was reading a thousand -page report and 26 witnesses testified against him, and 11,, 11 of his, ex teammates
3:28 pm
, nike had to drop him. >>shepard: if he had not won the championships he would not have made the millions, so he could be stripped egg, his reputation could be lost, but he is a rich, rich, rich guy, and would not be so without this. >>guest: this is a fatal blow. >>shepard: he has his tens of millions. >>guest: now he will be subject to enormous lawsuits. what is sad he was an exceptional athlete whether he took dope or not, an exceptional athlete and inspired thousands of cancer sufferers the he did works that were good in the foundation. the problem according to the reports is he was a bully. he threatened people. he was arrogant. he surrounded himself with
3:29 pm
lawyers. if this is a lesson from this in this sad story, it is this: do not cheat. number two, do not make enemies because they can bring you down as they did, sadly, in the case of lance armstrong. >>shepard: sadly, this is a matter of opinion, but also it is possible that only the second part applies here because as he, if he came in third or fourth with the team, he would not have been anything knee -- nike and he would not have what he has, and he cheated, he lied, he cheated, he -- but he made tens of millions. it seems like that is what happened. >>guest: here is what i would say, if it is worth his reputation suffering, what his family and all the people who fold him, they will suffer, too, in addition to which every company every insurance company
3:30 pm
that insured him is now going to go to court against this guy. to me, it ain't worth it. >>shepard: to me it ain't, either, but it looks like it could have been part of a strategy whether it was good or not. >>guest: it is a sad cautionary tale. >>shepard: lance armstrong, done. wow. a c.i.a. operative is dead in afghanistan, details on that attack coming up and a new plan for peace in syria. did you hear me? peace in syria? whether it will work, we leave that up to you. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. >>shepard: we got word of a possible insider attack in afghanistan. again. that is when supposed afghan security forces turn on the u.s. and nato partners. a 24-year-old intelligence analyst died in the strike along with a c.i.a. agent and four afghan intelligence officials. now live from the pentagon this afternoon, what else do we know about the u.s. intelligence officers? >>reporter: we know one worked for the c.i.a. we do not know his or her name. that is being kept under wraps. the other was a mill step intelligence analyst with 522nd military unit from washington state. they were both embedded with an afghan intelligence unit. the specialist was 24 years old and is the daughter of the
3:35 pm
assistant police chief of st. petersburg, florida, and joined in 2010. this was her first deployment, 152 female troops have been killed if the last 11 years of war. 1,000 women have been wounded. >>shepard: who are officials saying was the target? >>reporter: they are saying that technically specialist here and the c.i.a. operate were were not the target but the target was actually the afghans they working with. this occurred in kandahar, the two intelligence analysts were trying to move furniture into the office being used by afghan intelligence and the suicide bomber was a long time intelligence agent for the afghans and was targeting his other afghan officers. technically, they are not counting this as one of the 53 coalition deaths so far this year in 38 separate insider
3:36 pm
attacks. they are still investigating and they could put knit that column but step not counting it so far but a very large number of insider deaths this year from afghans, of u.s. troops at the hand afghans. >>shepard: there is word today a new push for peace in syria. activists say a civil war has led to the deaths of 33,000 men and women and children. the special envoy for syria called on the regime to take the lead in observing a cease-fire during a major muslim holiday this month. he added that rebel fighters have vowed to observe the truce if the syrian government takes the first step. before the international envoy spoke syria dismissed the peace plan claiming the rebels down the have any clear leadership. on the ground in syria peace is nowhere to be seen, with fighters claim they downed a
3:37 pm
syrian government helicopter as activists report the syrian government unleashed deadly airstrikes on rebel strongholds. we cannot confirm that. the chief correspondent is here and has the rest of the details. this peace plan is shaky and it sounded like it worked in the main because this feast is an important four-day celebration has to do with abraham and their son and an opportunity for both sides to chill. >>jonathan: the u.n. peace envoy still sees this as an opportunity. he is paid to be optimistic. he hopes he can still bring all sides together and agree to a peace deal to mark the beginning of this feast which starts october 26 but u.s. officials clearly do not share that optimism. listen. >> i say again we support any effort to end the bloodshed in syria.
3:38 pm
however, as joints special envoy has said, it is up to the government to take the first step. i'm not sure what resolution reporting you are reading on what the regime is saying but what i have is that even today the regime rejected the proposal and calls a cease-fire "point less." >>jonathan: we have been here before. the previousen provide announced a cease-fire once before and said all sides had agreed and it essentially never took hold. >>shepard: there is troubling brewing on the border between syria and turkey. >>jonathan: yes, a syrian mortar landing across the long border that syria shares with turkey and the turkish forces returning fire in terms of shell ing. it is just one more sign that all countries in the entire region should be very concerned about this civil war spilling across borders.
3:39 pm
>> those countries should realize that this crisis cannot remain in syrian borders forever. it will be addressed or overflow and be all consuming. >>jonathan: an all consuming war in the middle east. that is the prospect we are faced with. that comes from a man who is paid to be optimistic. >>shepard: the senior fellow on the program of arab politics at the washington institute who visits syrian border areas and the author of "in the lion's den ." sir, thank you. this border stuff is getting serious. >>guest: it has been getting worse and worse each month. i was recently in the area and the conflict is getting progressively worse. the death poll is going up. refugee flows are up.
3:40 pm
there is no end in sight. no diplomat solution, either. not good news for those in the region in syria and not good news for the united states. >>jonathan: andrew, i hate to side with the syrian government but isn't there a point that how you do a cease-fire with a group when there are so many different groups involved? >>guest: the opposition in syria is reacting to the regime's massive and brutal crackdown on the opposition which was at first peaceful so the amended opposition is giving the bashar al-assad regime the resistance it cannot deal with, with if it had one person assad would try to chop it off. they will not give him the pleasure so when his back is against the wall, it is very difficult for him to negotiate his way out of it. that is a complication of the crisis. it is in keeping, you are right,
3:41 pm
we have well over 100 different commanders in different parts of the country and remain ad groups, i doubt they will all agree but in the end the reason why the ceasefires in the past have not worked and why this will not work assad regime has no intention of implementing it and the opposition knows that. >>shepard: we have schedule more time but there is breaking news. the breaking news there is a man in federal court in the city of new york who has been found to have tried to blow up the federal reserve bank in lower manhattan today. it is not as if he was talking about it. it is not as if he was thinking about it. he tried to do it. he pushed a button to create a massive terror attack on america this morning and they caught him. he right now is in court. we have astounding details a story breaking this moment. we will bring them to you next. people save a lot of money.
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>>shepard: this is breaking news in new york city. we just learned that federal authorities have now arrested a man plotting to attack the federal reserve building in lower manhattan blocks from the world trade center site, not plotting, but tried to blow it up this morning. that is the word from authorities. the suspect raised red flags after posting online stuff about jihad. here is how we think it went down. this middle east were guy starts saying stuff and an f.b.i. guy gets in touch with them and the agent met him and the guy believed the f.b.i. agent was not an file agent but an accomplice and got the stuff together and the suspect and the fbi at plans a fake attack for months and this morning it went down. now the details of how it went down. rick? rick: the suspect is from bangladesh who travels to the united states in john for the purpose of carrying out a
3:46 pm
terrorist attack allegedly wanted to destroy america. what he did was go online to try and recruit others to form a cell and one of the people he recruited was an undercover f.b.i. agent who this suspect thought was someone who also wanted to commit a terrorist act and the f.b.i. agent supplied this man with 20, 50-pound bags of what was supposed to be explosive material and this morning they put the 1,000 pounds of material in a van and drove together to lower manhattan and parked outside the new york federal reserve bank on liberty street where this suspect allegedly believed he was about do blow up a 1,000-pound bomb. he had a debt naturor he worked to assemble the same bomb and he went to a hotel with the f.b.i. informant and the two of them were together when this suspect allegedly tried to
3:47 pm
detonate the bomb and recorded a video which the f.b.i. has, stating his reasons for trying to carry out the terror attack. this attack never would have happened because the bomb itself was fake because the participation of the f.b.i. agent who was acting undercover. >>shepard: thank you, rick, we got a statement from the prosecution. jonathan? >>jonathan: this is from f.b.i. acting assistant director who said and i quote, "attempting to destroy a land mark building and kill or maim untold numbers of innocent bystanders is about as serious as the imagination can face, and the defendant faces severe consequences. it is important to emphasis the public was never at risk because two of the defendants were actually an f.b.i. source and an f.b.i. undercover agent." she concludes that the f.b.i. continues to place the highest priority on preventing acts of
3:48 pm
terrorism. >>shepard: this morning, after months and months of planning, the guy who is from the middle east and came here with the intention only of destroying america, took a van full of something that he thought was something else, took it downtown next to the federal reserve bank, had a cell phone influence which he would trigger it, dialed the number, waited for it to go boom and the authorities came and arrested him. sounds like a major, major thing, doesn't it? judge napolitano is here. judge, this sounds familiar. >>judge napolitano: it does. this process that the f.b.i. goes through of finding people who have expressed a hatred for the united states or of american institutions and a willingness to attack them, and then the f.b.i. engages them by one of their own agents pretending to a confederate and walks them through the crime. the crime is something that would have been impossible to have accomplished because there
3:49 pm
was never any bomb material there. so, i suggest there are two ways to look at it. this is a guy with evil intention who on his own travel from pakistan to come to the united states expressed a hatred to our institutions and a willing northeast destroy them. if the f.b.i. did not engage him in this he would have been free to engage on his own in an act of terror and would have harmed people. the other way to look at it, this the 18th person since 9/11 that the f.b.i. has found and persuaded to go along with a plot it created, it controlled, and that never endangered anyone. how do they find people? the american public has to make a determination. do we want f.b.i. agents looking for addresses and weak people and leading them to believe they will commit a crime? the people end up going to jail for the rest of their lives. this will be, he will probably
3:50 pm
be convicted because the f.b.i. probably taped everything, audio and video, the 18th such person that the f.b.i. has taken off the streets using this method. is it good? or is it pushing the limits of what the law enforcement should doing? >>shepard: that is the question of the feds are said to have watched as a pan dialed the phone which was to be the detonator and in his mine at that moment when he finished dialing the phone and it rang on his end america would be forever changed. thing of that. if the fell reserve bank in manhattan had blown up, where would our economy be at this moment? of course, it was never going to happen. did the f.b.i. create this? or did the f.b.i. help to stop this? it is breaking news coverage. ubs about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin.
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>>shepard: continuing coverage from new york city, a man is now in custody after the f.b.i. says he tried to blow up the federal reserve bank in manhattan. he thought he was blowing out it up. he raised red flags about a jihad posting. the f.b.i. made him think they were in on it with him. rick has new information from the newsroom. rick: the suspect is 21 years old. he has been charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. according to the f.b.i. in a video statement he made prior to trying to detonate the bomb he said we will not stop until we attain victory or martyrdom.
3:55 pm
they say according to the u.s. attorney, the defendant came to this country intent on conducting a terrorist attack on u.s. soil and worked with single-mined determination to carry out his plan, the defendant thought he was striking a blow to the american economy. >>judge napolitano: essentially, he is being punished or will be prosecuted, probably incarcerated for the rest of his life because of his thoughts. >>shepard: but there were actions this morning, a cell phone, a video. >>judge napolitano: if crime is defined as "harm" who was harmed? the taxpayer were harmed because the f.b.i. consumed resources dealing with this character knowing he would not hurt anyone. that is a way to look at it. the other way to look at it, the government believed he was determined to do this and that is why he spent his own money to come here so in order to assure he would never harm anyone they brought him into this trap so he would go away for life.
3:56 pm
so we are all safer. there are two different ways do look at what the f.b.i. done. this will not be argued before a jury. the evidence of him has been captured with ought veto -- with audio and video. he will probably plead guilty. >>shepard: rather than making you think he is helping why not watch him see who he brings together and see what he actually is willing to do. no one is passing judgment on anything here but saying there is more than one way to look at things. >>judge napolitano: sometimes the f.b.i. will do that if they believe he has other people involved with him, people providing material support in the united states or elsewhere. then they can arrest his colleagues. here it is just him and an f.b.i. agent pretending to be his buddy.
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